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Centaurs Series: 75" 1994 series

The largest art prints ever created by Krynsky were Inspired by Chinese and Japanese silk scrolls. Krynsky pushes the limit of this new format for his Centaurs.  Each work is an original, not a duplicated numbered series. The 1994 series explores the use of colors incorporating up to 30 individual print runs similar to the use of Japanese wood block prints. enter

Centaurs . Vinyl Cut in Color . 20" x 75" . 1994

"The centaurs create a sense of timelessness. Unpredictability reigns. Greece and Rome compete with Moscow and New York. In perpetual movement, the centaurs appear like countless film frames that somewhere fit together to product the artistís art ideal. The essence of art. What does the centaur mean, you wonder? It is a mystery. An enticing mystery." ~ Gaither Stewart, correspondent in Italy for the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblag, has written widely on European culture and reported for many years on East Europe for many European publications.