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Clownade Series
In 1970 the former USSR was preparing to celebrate in a year’s time the 100-year anniversary of Vladimir Lenin. Krynsky also wished to “commemorate” this momentous time by creating the Clownade Series. Ten black and white engravings were made to show the colorless and drab life of the Soviet Citizen.  Krynsky found the lives of the classic clowns intriguing with their reprises and subtexts found in their humor. Krynsky's artwork captures the polarity of soviet life with the use of black and white tones, representing the conforming citizen or revolutionary prisoner.

Clownade . Vinyl Cut . 12" x 13" . 1970

"Likewise clowns have always fascinated me -- the colorfulness and unusual inventiveness of these magic people favoring us with their sad and lonely smiles." ~ Gaither Stewart, correspondent in Italy for the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblag, has written widely on European culture and reported for many years on East Europe for many European publications.