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Face to Face

Face to Face Series
Residing by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Krynsky was inspired by the Encaustic portraits of ancient Egyptians. This awoke a desire in the artist to begin a new series of portrait artwork, enabling Krynsky to render pieces encompassing a wide time line of humanity and ethnicities. The series are all created in single size format allowing the works to be combined in blocks and cubes to create a single masterpiece.  In 1987 this series was exhibited in the U.S. Senate as two “cubes” of art each containing thirty-six portraits. enter

face to face . oil on canvas . 24" x 30" . 1985

"Yet despite such entertaining subjects as paysages and nature, he is the artist forever in search of the face under the mask as exemplified by a series of works under the general name Face to Face inspired by his weekly visits to the Metropolitan Museum and especially the Egyptian section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art." ~ Gaither Stewart, correspondent in Italy for the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblag, has written widely on European culture and reported for many years on East Europe for many European publications.