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Krynsky’s etchings capture the duality of mankind, analogous to the writings of Mikhail Bulgakov. The artist explores the coexistence of dual systems of man, one governed by the state such as in the former USSR and one governed by the soul.  These etchings are a result of a unique experimentation of techniques which give rise to an unusual textural effect on the prints. enter

Duality . Etching . 11.5" x 14" . 1970

"Under Ermilov, the young Anatoly Krynsky was soon able to turn a working knowledge of the structural mystique of the style of his own visual advantage; under the influence of another Constructivist inspired instructor, Boris Kosarev, he gained a strong and ongoing sense of the expressive possibilities inherent in modern color." ~ Gerrit Henry contributing editor of ArtNews and an Art in America reviewer