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Leaning Tree

Central Park

In the early 1960’s Krynsky ventured out into Kharkov’s natural surroundings for three years straight, never the metropolitan areas, creating over 1,500 plain-air studies. Immigrating to the United States, Krynsky made his home in New York City, dwelling only one block from Central Park.  The artist wished to capture some of his favorite landscapes on canvas creating over 150 works of art during this productive period. In 1998, selected works were exhibited in New York City under the title of “Mystery of Central Park” and labeled as post-cezannism by art critics. enter

Leaning Tree . Oil on canvas . 37" x 40" . 1996

"The beautiful, noisy, epic-scaled urban garden that is New York's Central Park is where Anatoly Krynsky has, for almost 20 years, been setting up his easel-or, more properly, reaching for his sketchbook.  The artist makes small oil studies plain-air in the park, in all seasons, upon which the later, studio-inspired, more improvisatory work will be based." ~ Gerrit Henry contributing editor of ArtNews and an Art in America reviewer