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Red Wine and Open Book

Neo Cubo-Futurism
Krynsky’s tempera works began in New York City in 1977.  Limited by studio space, the artists could no longer explore the size of sculptural Reliefs which gave birth to the neo cubo-futrism styles of these “sculptural” works on canvas. Krynsky’s works of art are reminiscent of cubism reinterpreted by Russian Avant-gardists as Cubo-Futurism from 1911 – 1915 pioneered by such artists as Kazimr Malivech, Lubov Popova, Mikhail Larionov, David Burlicic and Nataliya Goncharova. 

Adam and Eve .Tempera on Canvas. 30" x 40" . 1983

"Following his emigration first to Italy then to the United States, Krynsky has exhibited many times, in many countries, his works that testify to the unity of his artistic vision. Methodological rigor and extreme composure invade the diverse phases of the elaboration of his works, from those inspired by typically Russian and Byzantine saints and monasteries to themes of prophets placed amid simplified cathedrals. An analogous attitude marks his works of Constructivist and Cubist imprint." ~ Franco Miele