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Adam and Eve

Human Kind Series
While developing and refining Krynsky’s Sculptural Reliefs, the artist was inspired to create a new cycle of artwork in 1971 entitled Human Kind. Forced by the USSR Minister of Culture to leave the original engravings behind during his immigration to the United States the works were believed to be lost. In 2000, Russian Officials allowed Krynsky to import the surviving original engravings.

adam and eve . cardboard  . 11.5" x 17.5" . 1971

"Anatoly Krynsky has been erroneously labeled a Constructivist. The definition is much too limiting of the complete artist who instead already as a young man pressed ahead from his early works of the period he studied under Yermilov in the Kharkov Art Institute, to themes like Man and the City or the Duality of Man and of Life, works already then depicted in his Cubo-futuristic iconographic style." ~ Gaither Stewart, correspondent in Italy for the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblag, has written widely on European culture and reported for many years on East Europe for many European publications.