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Centaurs Series:
26" 1994 series

Inspired by architectural draft renderings, that are interwoven into the world of the Centaurs, this is a unique engraving series.  Krynsky explores space with a direction of Suprematism as developed by El Lissitzky and Kazimr Malivech.  The artwork incorporates a constructivist style with the use and concepts of the artists "mask" series. enter

Centaurs . Vinyl Cut in Color . 20" x 28" . xxxx

"The centaur has long been a special theme in my work. I have executed centaurs in various materials -- in sculptures, reliefs, paintings and graphics -- which has allowed me with each passing year to diversify them and to delve more deeply into this enchanting world of ancient mythology." ~ Gaither Stewart, correspondent in Italy for the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblag, has written widely on European culture and reported for many years on East Europe for many European publications.